Forum Title: Need help with new fiberglass door
Hello, I just installed a special order prehung Featherriver fiberglass exterior door in my home and have a few issues with it. The rubber seals on the bottom of the door rub against the threshold, making it difficult to close the door. Eventually I think the rubber seal will get damaged with the excessive contact with the threshold. Our other doors open/close with ease. I tried to adjust the threshold but it does not go up or down but I do not think it would even help if it would go up or down because it seems to already be down all the way. I checked my other door which also has an adjustable threshold and it goes up and down when I turn the screws. The door frame is plumb and level. The gaps between the door and door frame are good and there is no rubbing of door on wood. I also noticed that one of the door hinges was not installed properly as it was not fully seated in the notched portion of the door. I removed it and was able to reinstall it correctly. Finally, even though the door frame is plumb and level the top right of the door sticks out about a quarter of an inch past the door jam but the bottom right corner of the door is level with the door jam. I installed a Jeldwin special order exterior steel door on my parent's home 6 months ago and it is working great. I have also installed several interior doors before and they are working well. Does it sound like a defective door or do you think there is a problem with my installation? Clearly the incorrectly installed hinge and the non-working threshold were not my fault but I'd like to get your thoughts on the whole affair. Thank you.
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: ANTHONY LEE (Peoria, AZ), 01/08/2019

Depends on the brand and material. I'm pretty sure I've seen some vinyl windows that the upper sash is sealed in place. Aluminum can normally be removed by the method you described or similar. What are yours made of?

- Boris Dunn (Fresno, CA), 02/05/2019

Hi, Yes I placed a level across the header. I will check again. Yes I used the supplied 3 screws in the hinge holes. Two screws in the top hinge and 1 screw in the other two hinges.

- KELLY BELL (Wellington, FL), 02/07/2019

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