Forum Title: My Basement window with wood frame is leaking - photo attached
I bought an old house recently... the basement was refinished and is getting quite a bit of water when it rains heavy. I see the water coming in from under the sheetrock on the floor beneath the basement window - and the sheetrock is wet going straight down from the window. There was no window well (the window was about 3 inches above the dirt), so I dug out a two foot deep one (no drain - its right next to a paved driveway so I dont have much room to work - ideas?) - I need to go out there during torrential rain to see if the well fills up - but there is a guttered overhang half covering the area so I'd be surprised if that well ever overflowed with water. I've since covered the well with a plastic sheet and havent had any leaks - so I'm confident that the water is coming in thru the window - not seeping thru other foundation cracks or anything like that. If you look at these photos, I believe the water is coming in between the concrete and the wood, and/or between the wood and the vinyl window. Obviously there is no flashing over the wood and no caulking even. A friend suggested two things: one, get a bigger window and lose the wood framing - but that would be custom I'm sure and I have $ restrictions. Also, when looking at the window from the inside, you dont see the wood frame, so they've butted up the sheet rocked window sill to the vinyl (I dont want to re-do interior work). The second option he suggested was to use some mortar and mortar an angled ledge all the way around from the foundation concrete right up to the vinyl, essentially covering all of the wood and closing that gap. If anyone agrees with that approach please help me with the specifics (material type, etc) Also, to me it looks like there is flashing missing on the bottom of the vinyl - though the window sill inside is dry and dusty still so I dont think water is currently coming thru any part of the window itself. (This window swings down inwards, its not a slider) There is no room to change the grading of the soil. And I dont want to put a well cover over the window because there is living space down there already with little natural light. Any ideas and thoughts?
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: TERRY NGUYEN (Rock Hill, SC), 01/24/2019

As far as I can see, you don't include the frame in your measurement.

- LEON BOWMAN (Bolingbrook, IL), 02/01/2019

I really dont like glass block - becasue I want to see thru the window, also want a window that fully opens. Though its not legally an egress window, its big enough for an emergency escape. That being said - I dont want to seal the window shut like that. I also dont like the look of glass block - and either way, unless the dimension was identical to the dimensions of the blocks, I'm still going to end up with some sort of framing necessary no matter what. So I think I need to figure out options of sealing up that framing better, as well as options for draining the well.

- DOLORES WONG (Longmont, CO), 02/03/2019

Based on what I can see, there is a fair bit of a lip at the bottom of the window from the extra wood frame. It looks like the wood framing is butted to wood frame the window sits in. I wonder if removing the lower piece of wood (replacing the others to adjust for the missing piece) then adding flashing and the appropriate caulking would solve the water issues. It would remove the ledge that is catching the water and allowing it to go under the window. I am no expert in windows, but am a DIYer that is currently dealing with insulating newer windows that where installed using random methods throughout the house. Could you post some close ups of the lower section of the window? I would like to see if what is there is what I think I am seeing (pictures are a bit small).

- NICHOLAS COOPER (Dubuque, IA), 02/01/2019

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