Forum Title: Fix for leaking windows?
I have a Wall of glass panes that are framed into wooden framing with trim stops on both sides of the glass. This past weekend, wind driven rain blew onto the glass and very bad leaking through the stops. Question is; do I need to remove the stops and re seal? if so, with what? or can I apply a bead of clear silicone caulking to the stops as in this diagram and leave the stops as they are? (for some reason the photo is rotated 1/4 turn, sorry) Ive added a picture of the wall so you get an idea of the scale that i'm up against. Thanks, Mike.
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: JESSE ROSS (Green Bay, WI), 01/11/2019

Repairs such as this can be accomplished with Minwax wood epoxy (Bondo in a yellow can). You have to work fast as it can set up rather quickly. Rasp it off, sand it smooth and prime/paint it. I have never had a Bondo repair separate. Of course if you don't get all the bad wood out, it will separate, so get it all. Pull the door seal (someone didn't when they painted last time ) and make the repair, replacing the seal in the groove when you finish. Another more drastic approach is to replace the entire latch side of the door casing. They are sold at box stores.

- WALLACE BOWEN (Spokane Valley, WA), 02/20/2019

I agree with Furd. Can you remove the stops, one at a time and ensure there is sealant between the glass and framing as well as the stop? It looks daunting with the size and shape of the glass. Your best bet aside from removing all that stop is to lay in a good sealant. I would recommend an elastomeric caulk/sealant. One that comes to mind is Big Stretch. With the changes in weather, heat, cold, wet, dry, snow, etc. the original sealant may be cracked. Remove what you can of the old and lay in a good bead of elastomeric. It will give and take better than silicone and isn't affected by sunlight like silicone is.

- DORIS FLORES (Fall River, MA), 02/18/2019

Thanks Furd and Chandler. I'm sure you are correct, but I have to ask; If the seal is only on the inside between the stop and the glass, wouldn't that allow water to get trapped between the outside stop and the glass and between the outside stop and the frame that would quickly lead to rot? thanks!

- JONATHAN FLORES (Chattanooga, TN), 02/02/2019

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